This job is a lot of hard work. That doesn’t change regardless of experience or skill. Over the years we have found that first year sales reps do better when a few things are completed before the summer starts. Below is a five point checklist to refer to before you start work this summer. As simple as it may appear, completing these tasks is important to getting off to a good start.
Complete your Hiring Paperwork
Meet with your manager and complete your new hire paperwork. Be sure to ask questions and fully understand what is expected of you this summer.
Bring a Friend
Friends make the summer more fun and give you someone to compete with. Going to a new office with someone you know helps you feel more comfortable and can lead to more sales.
Understand the Team Leader Opportunity
Meet with your manager to talk about the team lead opportunity. Not everyone will be a team lead or will want to be a team lead, but it is important you understand their role and how they help the office succeed.
Attend at least one Pre-Season Training
ProActive will hold pre-season trainings before the summer. We cover a wide range of topics. This will give you a basic understanding of the service, what the summer will be like, an overview of the door approach, and tips to help you have a great summer.
Complete technology training
Attend a technology training. This will help you feel comfortable with how to fill out a contract, the look and layout of the software, and give you the additional training you need to hit the ground running.